Chemical Mildecide

When it comes to resdiential homes the main reason for requiring a Power Wash is Mold/Mildew. This is extremely common in the Hampton’s of Long Island because most homes are in a wooded area and being so close to the water the dew tends to take longer to go away. When dealing with the task of Power Washing wood it is crucial that the process is done correctly or you can easily ruin/damage the wood. Outeast uses the proper chemicals that will kill all mold/mildew with only a bit more pressure than a garden hose. Using the correct chemicals also requires extreme caution to be aware of the surrounding grass, landscaping, bushes because the strength of the chemicals can severely damage the surroundings. We use waterproof tarps temporarily to cover the landscaping as well as soaking regular water into surfaces so the chemical will not absorb into the landscaping as easily and if it does, the chemical will be very diluted.


Surface Cleaning

Surface Cleaning is the complete opposite of chemical mildecide washing... It requires extreme pressure and Hot Water. This task is done on Stone, Concrete, Brick, Pavers, Driveways, Patios or any other hard walking surface other than wood. Outeast includes this task with every power wash at no additional charge, for instance, if we are washing a home and there is pavers surrounding their pool we will automatically surface clean the pavers at not additional cost. When we provide a power washing service we make sure it is a full service, we do the entire house, cleaning all windows as well, any gates or fences and of course surface clean any stone.

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning has been an up and coming task over the last 5 years in the Hampton’s. Years ago the mold on the roofs was the look people desired. Today many homeowners are washing their roofs free of mold and in many cases even applying stain to the roofs to ensure mold will not overgrow on top again. The trick with roof cleaning is that no pressure more than a garden hose provides can be used or you can risk leakage.Outeast uses a very concentrated chemical that can be applied with low pressure soft wash soap tips, and lightly rinsed off from the ground or small ladder. Washing the roof also helps keep the mold/mildew off the walls of your home as well because the mold will easily spread from roof to walls.