Residential Interior Prep

Maintenance naturally a big part of owning home. When a home shifts, moves or “settles, the drywall walls or wood trim will move as well and wherever two pieces meet will most likely open or crack. This effect can take a beautiful home and make it look awful if not repaired. When it comes to the Interior Trim Repairs it is crucial to complete the right process as well as use the right products to ensure repairs will not fail. First we search the project with a high watt halogen light for all open joints, offset corners, nails that have punctured out, cracked caulk, poorly painted surfaces or anything on trim that looks poor. We then completely remove all loose particles, and open the crack as far as possible to make surface like we are filling it for the first time. Then using the right fillers for both strength and flawless finishing we repair all damaged spots.

Interior Drywall Prep

Interior Drywall repairs in a residential home can be a tremendous job creating a ton of mess. Many homes located on soft beachy grounds such as Dune rd. in Westhampton Beach or Quogue, will receive failing spackle tape in many corners due to the amount of movement in the house. When these failing corners are located on high ceilings, this can be in need of scaffolding, extensive covering and moving of furniture and belongs. Outeast goes the extra mile covering everything with paper, plastic and drop cloths to ensure your belongings are protected and once covering is removed, the mess is minimal and easy clean up for so its as if we were never there.

Residential Exterior Prep

Owning a home in New York requires a lot of exterior painting maintenance mainly due to the fact that the weather changes so dramatically throughout the year. Being that most houses trim is made of wood, the trim may shift a bit with the changing of seasons. This will cause cracking, open seems, nails to puncture out of trim, etc. Also especially in the Hamptons of Long Island, being as there are a lot of trees and woods, mold tends to be a big issue with paint failing as well.

When Outeast Painting begins an Exterior Paint job the first step is almost always a thorough mildecide power wash (see power wash page). Then we prepare the trim fixing every open crack, seem, replacing any rotted wood, sanding all trim, and just going through every piece of trim just as we do with the interior preparation. On the Exterior we only use Bondo and Wood Epoxy because we believe that they are the only 2 products capable of holding up to the brutal winters and brutal summers of Long Island. We then prime all filler with only oil based primer to ensure proper adherence as well as no wood knots, or tannin bleed through. Now your home is ready for finish paint.