Interior Painting is the most intricate, tedious,detail oriented type of painting there is. Outeast understands that full quality control is required from start to finish in order to achieve a true high quality finish. From the the setup of the project, to the order and system of the execution, to the products and skilled techniques used, to the final clean up, each task is completed with integrity and pride taking no shortcuts to ensure pure quality.

Outeast Painting has the utmost respect for our client’s homes, this is why we take extra precaution in the covering/protecting of there belongings. Upon the beginning of every project Outeast Owners/Foreman take photos of all areas of work before work begins. This ensures all furniture and belongings will be placed back to its original positions as if we were never there. On major projects edging of hardwood/tile floors receive a layer of 72 day safe masking tape along the edges with Roslyn Paper covering all flooring. We then place clean interior drop cloths on top of the paper for more protection. Carpets receive regular masking tape along all edges with large plastic draped across the entire carpet, again with clean interior drop cloths on top of plastic. Furniture/belongings is either carefully placed into a non working room or the center of the room sealed tight to the floor with tape and plastic to ensure no paint particles or dust enter the plastic.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Quality Painting is not easy, bottom line. Yes many homeowners or handymen can brush and roll surfaces and say they can paint... But quality painting is far different. Outeast Paintings goal is perfection in all areas, every corner, groove, creese, edge, cut line, brush stroke, roller stroke, spray application every part of the process needs to be done correctly. The Preparation is key to achieving perfection but so is the finishing touches. Our team uses Halogen high watt lights during the process to ensure nothing gets overlooked in the preparation and the proper techniques for the finishing touches. Our employee’s are all held to the highest standards, training them to our system the moment they are hired to fit in and believe in the teamwork.


In order to be a dominate quality painting business completing high end projects you must have a complete understanding of the products needed to complete these projects flawlessly. Outeast takes extensive time to do our homework and learn all the traits, pro’s and con’s and ingredients of the products we use so we assure all clients top quality, safety and on time completion. Below are some of the products we believe in and work with across Long Island.