Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home is judged on a daily basis by neighbors, family & friends, or people just passing by… Getting rid of the mildew or adding some color to your home can truly change the way people feel and look at you. Exterior painting deals with a lot of high ladder work, scaffolding, lifts, products with strong odors, extensive machine sanding, power washing with strong and dangerous chemicals and just overall a lot of tough, physical work that make painting the exterior of your home very difficult for you to do yourself. Outeast understands the task at hand and offers reasonable pricing for great quality work.


Just like interior painting, Outeast takes extra precaution when it comes to your home and belongings. On a typical re-paint/stain of an exterior we would first cover all bushes/plants with a waterproof tarps to ensure chemicals & mildecides do not kill or damage the landscaping during the power wash. We all soak all areas (grass and all) with a lot of regular water before chemicals are applied. This step helps the chemical not soak into the surroundings leaving even less chance of any damage due to the dilution of chemical mixed with water. Then when the painting/staining takes place we normally remove all liter spouts, screens, vents, hose reels, etc and put in a safe place with hardware as well.Many times we seal tight exterior glass doors and windows with tape and plastic leaving no risk of minor overspray speckles that sometimes gets overlooked because its difficult to spot. Bushes and plants again get covered with plastic or drop cloths but only for short period of time until area is complete so they can breathe again.


Exterior Painting consists of a lot of high ladder work, working off roof areas and working with products with very strong odors that can help make it difficult to focus when up on ladder. Although Outeast is fully insured in case of any situation we still take the extra step to ensure the safety of our employee’s. Our ladders are all in great condition, with the correct feet, and boots to ensure no slippage if used properly, we use face masks for protecting against strong odors and we always have a spotter available to hold a ladder if needed.


Outeast uses a variety of different products because each job is different. Having the knowledge to know what to use in all situations is one of the many keys to our exterior success. Being on Long Island, especially in the hamptons we are surrounded by a lot of woods, trees, bushes that create mildew on exterior surfaces if not maintained or were surrounded by beaches which give off the strongest sun light possible making paints and stains fade early. Either way its a tough task, but Outeast knows how to provide a quality paint job that give your exterior paint/stain a minimum of 5 year lifetime and we offer 100% signed guarantee’s as well.